List of books read since 1974

What I have read since 1974

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1867Pieces of the frameJohn A. McPhee308apl8/19/1998
1872Pillar of fire: America in the King years, 1963-65Taylor Branch746apl9/24/1998
1876Golden arches east: McDonald's in East AsiaJames L. Watson256apl10/30/1998
1877Dream reaper: the story of an old-fashioned inventor in the high-tech, high-stakes world of modern agricultureCraig Canine300apl11/2/1998
1879From the good earth: a celebration of growing food around the worldMichael Ableman168apl11/7/1998
1897The invention that changed the world: how a small group of radar pioneers won the Second World War and launched a technological revolutionRobert Buderi575apl3/28/1999
1898Life's other secret: the new mathematics of the living worldIan Stewart285apl4/6/1999
1902Blood: an epic history of medicine and commerceDouglas P. Starr441apl5/18/1999
1905A commotion in the blood: life, death, and the immune systemStephen S. Hall544apl6/4/1999
1926A portrait of Egypt: a journey through the world of militant IslamMary Anne Weaver280apl1/16/2000
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