List of books read since 1974

What I have read since 1974

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1618The courage of their convictions: sixteen Americans who fought their way to the Supreme CourtPeter H. Irons430kl1/1/1994
1628Taming the storm: the life and times of Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr., and the South's fight over civil rightsJack Bass512kl3/13/1994
1638Battle for justice: how the Bork nomination shook AmericaEthan Bronner399kl5/1/1994
1643Sex, gender, and the politics of ERA: a state and the nationDonald G. Mathews
Jane Sherron De Hart
1651Lenin's tomb: the last days of the soviet empireDavid Remnick588kl9/3/1994
1780John Marshall: definer of a nationJean Edward Smith736kl1/29/1997
1802Locked in the cabinetRobert B. Reich339kl4/28/1997
1812A civil actionJonathan Harr500kl7/11/1997
1829The girls in the balcony: women, men, and the New York TimesNan Robertson274kl10/13/1997
1862Parting the waters: America in the King years 1954-63Taylor Branch1064kl7/5/1998
1892The good Black: a true story of race in AmericaPaul M. Barrett296kl2/17/1999
1967Mauve: how one man invented a color that changed the worldSimon Garfield222kl6/12/2001
1973No apparent danger: the true story of volcanic disaster at Galeras and Nevado del RuizVictoria Bruce239kl7/27/2001
2087Time lord: Sir Sandford Fleming and the creation of standard timeClark Blaise256kl1/2/2005
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